The creators of CROMATIQUE, had identified a strong need in the global market for a professional hair colour line with “zero defects”. They wanted all professionals to have access to a line of absolute accuracy and reliability in literally “every colour” giving the professional the freedom to focus on creating colour masterpieces with confidence and assurance.

This dream was soon realized with the creation of the perfect professional hair colour line.  CROMATIQUE answers the call of colour professionals around the world, not only giving them the qualities they sought in their desired perfect hair colour but also providing so much more

A Technologically Advanced Ash Series with Self-Correcting Properties.

Dynamic Reds, Masterpieces of Chromatic Beauty and Extraordinary Technical Performance.

An Exclusive Complex for the Ultimate Hair and Scalp Protection and Treatment.

Blonde Perfection Providing Maximum Colour Deposit and Control While Lifting In a Single Process.

  • Colour longevity/Lasting colours
  • Perfect Blondes / Super lighteners
  • Brilliant long-lasting reds     
  • Accurate results in every colour
  • Low Ammonia (<1.9%)

100% Grey Coverage With Long-Lasting Vibrant Colour with a

30 Minutes Process.

Masterpieces of colour are only strokes away. 

  • Beautiful healthy looking hair   
  • Absolute grey coverage / 30 Minute Process
  • Self-correcting reflexes in key colour groups
  • Reduced skin sensitivity​
  • ​Exclusive LK Complex