Table 2 Peroxide Applications
Objective10 Vol (3%)20 Vol (6%)30 Vol (9%)
Increase coverage of greysCan be usedRecommendedShould not be used
Increase bleaching strengthShould not be usedShould not be usedRecommended
Increase dyeing strengthCan be usedRecommendedShould not be used
Increase quality of highlightsCan be used RecommendedShould not be used
Extend color durationCan be usedRecommendedShould not be used

International Level

General Tips 

Table 3 Coverage of Grey Hairs
Type of Grey HairPeroxideExposure TimeComment
Normal20 Vol. 30 minutesDyes cover greys directly
Very Hard20 Vol. 30 minutesOption 1: Mix desired tone with corresponding base 1:1

Option 2: Cuticles opended

Option 3: Pre-pigmentation

Opening cuticle: Apply 20 Vol. peroxide directly on the grey hair with cotton. Leave for 10-15 minutes, dry and apply the desired tone mixed with base without washing hair.

Pre-pigmentation: Use bases with no peroxide in the most difficult areas. Then apply the desired tones mixed with the base.

* Reflections

7 & 9 have been specially created by La Kremm Hair Science to enhance the CROMATIQUE colour creation experience.

0. Natural

1. Ash

2. Iridescent / Violet

3. Gold

4. Copper

5. Mahogany

6. Red

7. Chestnut*

9. Tabacco*

1. Black

3. Dark Brown

4. Brown

5. Light Brown

6. Dark Blonde

7. Blonde

8. Light Blonde

9. Very Light Blonde

10. Super Blonde 


CROMATIQUE Permanent Hair Colouring Cream

*For Professional Use Only


Table 1 Mixtures, Peroxides and Exposure Times
To Apply TonesMixtureVol. of PeroxideExposure
Normal1:120 Vol.30 minutes
Very Dark1:1From 10 to 20 Vol.30 minutes
Reddish and Auburn1:120 Vol35 minutes
Super-peroxides (Cromatique Blonde)1:2From 30 to 40 Vol.45 minutes
Medium, Light and Extra Light (no grey or less than 50%)1:130 Vol.30 minutes
Medium, Light and Extra Light (more than 50% grey)1:120 Vol.30 minutes

General Tips:

- For Professional Use Only * Store and use at room temperature.

- Only mix with CROMATIQUE Stabilized Oxidizing Cream to achieve optimal results, as this product has been specially developed for greater penetration and development of CROMATIQUE Hair Colouring Cream.

- A sensitivity test or patch test is recommended 48 hours before application to avoid any allergic reactions.

- Do not use to tint eyelashes or eyebrows.

- We recommend not performing any other services involving chemical processes on day of colouring. (This includes bleaching, perming, or straightening processes)

- CROMATIQUE Hair Colouring Cream should be applied to hair that has not been washed for 24 hours prior to treatment. (if hair requires washing, due to an abundance of product residue, a lite-cold water rinse is recommended.)

- Do not use metal tools to mix and/or  apply CROMATIQUE Hair Colouring Cream.

- Follow directions carefully. This includes respecting both mixing proportions and exposure times. (see charts).

* Following direction, mixing proportions, and exposure times will maximize results ensuring beautiful color and brightness, as well as duration and fading.