Important: Cromatique was tested in laboratory studies verifying the results of the compatibility of the LK Complex in each of the 83 Cromatique formulations. Thousands of sensitivity tests were conducted under varying variables, (such as environments, temperatures, hair, scalp, and skin types), to ensure sufficient data for perfecting the formulations for all hair and skin types.

*Cromatique was not tested on individuals with known ammonia allergies.
** Cromatique has a 'no animal testing' policy in the make and manufacture of its products

About Our Company

Cromatique, by La Krèmm Hair Science, is the vision of founders Daniel and Eduardo Vázquez del Mercado. This visionary duo dreamt of developing the best professional hair colour cream, with the desire of surpassing expectations of the most discriminating colourists in the world.

Cromatique is the realization of that dream: the culmination of years of research and development.  By perfecting 83 formulations, which in the European hair and cosmetic industry had already received accolades for its perfection, La Krèmm exceeded its preceding reputation for excellence.