0. Natural

1. Ash

2. Iridescent / Violet

3. Gold

4. Copper

5. Mahogany

6. Red

7. Chestnut*

9. Tabacco*

International Level

* Reflections

7 & 9 have been specially created by La Kremm Hair Science to enhance the CROMATIQUE colour creation experience.

CROMATIQUE Numbering  

1. Black

3. Dark Brown

4. Brown

5. Light Brown

6. Dark Blonde

7. Blonde

8. Light Blonde

9. Very Light Blonde

10. Super Blonde 


Very Light Blonde is the natural tone level. (9)
Ash is the main reflection (1)
Gold is the secondary/enrichment reflection (3)


The first number indicates the level of tone

The second number (immediately following the decimal) indicates the main reflection. 

The third number (if any) indicates the secondary reflection, for chromatic enrichment.

Following the International color code, CROMATIQUE, uses a combination of numbers to define each color for quick review, expediting accurate use.

Example 9.13 Very Light Blonde . Ash Gold