B E A U T Y    &   H E A L T H   B E N E F I T S

  • Beautiful healthy looking hair   
  • Absolute grey coverage 
  • Self-correcting reflexes in key colour groups
  • Reduced skin sensitivity​

CROMATIQUE Professional Only Hair Colour

Giving the professional the freedom to focus on creating colour masterpieces

with confidence and assurance.

The Stabilized Oxidizing Cream

Cromatique Stabilized Oxidizing Cream is unique to the Cromatique line and is a vital, key element in ensuring the unsurpassed quality of Cromatique professional hair colour results.

Our premier cream developer is enriched with a new-generation cationic conditioning agent.Cromatique’s rich and creamy formulation boosts the restructuring emollient and soothing action of our hair colouring cream’s active ingredients to obtain the best colour results: maximum coverage, outstanding shine and smoothness.

Its high-viscosity concentrated formula and balanced texture help the professional achieve a perfect application (drip-free, moisture-rich/non-drying).

When mixed with our colouring cream or lightening powder, Cromatique’s Oxidizing Cream produces a truly homogeneous mixture that makes the application easier and helps achieve outstanding results.

  • Colour longevity/Lasting colours   
  • Perfect Blondes / Super lighteners
  • Highlifts with Maximum Control & Coverage
  • Brilliant long-lasting reds     
  • Accurate results in every colour