CROMATIQUE Superblonde series was developed to insure blonde perfection. The La Kremm Hair Science team created its Superblonde series to provide maximum colour deposit and control while lifting 4 levels in a single process. Level 5 is the darkest natural level that can optimally be controlled in a one-step lifting process. 

it is important to note that level 10 is the lightest level both in the International Colour Levels and in CROMATIQUE's Colour System but we have developed and refined our Superblonde series to provide high lift colour users the lightest possible results without using bleach. 

CROMATIQUE Superblondes 10.0s / 10.00s / 10.1s / 10.01s may be used to deposit colour and/or as a high lift. When depositing colour is the primary purpose, mix 1:1. Remember lift will still occur according to volume of Oxidizing Cream used. As a high lift, mix 1:2; 1 part CROMATIQUE Superblonde Colour Cream to 2 parts 30 Vol. or 40 Vol. CROMATIQUE Stabilized Oxidizing Cream. 

CROMATIQUE Superblondes 12.00s / 12.11s / 12.12s were developed to lift up to 4 levels. THese colours are recommended for lightening natural light brown and dark blonde colours only. With Lighter bases keep in mind that these formulas contain a higher concentration of colour reflection, which may lead to excessive violet or light gray shades. To use any of the CROMATIQUE Superblonde colours, mix 1 part CROMATIQUE Superblonde Colour Cream to 2 parts 30 Vol or 40 Vol. 

These incredible results are achieved without the use of larger amounts of ammonia which are standard in other professional brands. 

*Remember to consider CROMATIQUE Stabilized Oxidizing Cream Volumes when lifting colour. Maximum lift occurs with 40 Vol and with a mix ratio of 1:2.

Recommended processing time 45 minutes